Our (Polyethylene Terephthalate) PET Signature Wolf Bottles come with a pre-inserted clear/natural tip. The natural tip is great for spill-free dispensing. Above all, our natural tip fills up cartridges with CBD or Liquid with ease. In addition, the flat-style cap is both Child-Resistant and Tamper Evident. Child-Resistant keeps the product sealed and secures away from children. In order to open the Child Resistant Cap firmly press down while twisting counter-clockwise to open. Tamper Evident ring is a key feature to reassure clients they are receiving an unopened product. The Tamper-Evident band latches onto the neck of the bottle and doesn’t come off once broken.

Above all, key features include improved thickness on the top and bottom of the bottle. The center is soft making it easier to squeeze dispense your product. Our Signature Wolf Bottle can be used with all sorts of liquid. Most popular products would include CBD and Liquid juice. Using our PET Signature Wolf Bottles with your CBD & Vape Products, never spill another drop of liquid and prevent messy clean-ups when you use the precise filling dropper tip.

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