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Glass Containers

Choose from a wide selection of glass containers that will suit your needs. Our bottles are made of high-quality scratch resistant glass that adheres to many industry standards such as skincare, cosmetics, essential oils, and pharmaceuticals.

Boston Round (9)

Euro Round (10)

Roll on Glass Bottles (3)

Straight Sided Glass Jars (15)

Plastic Containers

Our Plastic container come in many different shapes and sizes They vary in material from Polypropylene, Polystyrene, HDPE, PET and more. Browse through our catalog to find out!

Plastic Jars (39)

Plastic Bottles (46)

Lip Balm Containers (7)

Deodorant Containers (20)


High technical capabilities with poly blow moulding and injection moulding. High quality container solutions with state of the art systems


Dalipco Packaging uses the highest quality plastics and glass in the market. High quality PET and LDPE for flexibility and durability built for modern day packaging needs.


With the ability to create any container in any color, Dalipco Packaging has the flexibility and prowess to create any custom packaging solution for a multitude of industries.


Cap off your packaging needs in style. Our expansive range of closures offers flexibility with Non-CRC, CRC, or Tamper Evident closures to match your packaging needs and to execute your product well. All of our Child Resistant Closures come 16CFR.1700 Certified

Plastic and Glass Droppers (108)

Pipettes (5)

Non-Dispensing Caps (118)

Dispensing Caps (33)

Personal Care Containers

Our most fashionable containers are here for your customers personal needs. We offer packaging perfectly meant for oils, balms, powders, foams, lotions and many more personal care products.

Polystyrene Jars (2)

Foamer Bottles (2)

Airless Bottles (20)