Stock on Demand

Dalipco Packaging carries one of the largest inventories in the country which gives us the ability to provider packaging containers to Pharmaceuticals, Hemp, Sanitizers, and Cosmetic companies.

Multiple Locations

We have established a worldwide connection with all of our locations to provide you the best possible delivery. We have a quality objective to have our shipments on-time to our customers 99% of the time.

Industry Certified

Dalipco Packaging is committed to providing excellence and delivering a high-quality product. We keep ourselves to a high standard in order to go beyond industry requirements to keep our clients happy.

About Us

Supplying Companies Since 1998

We have a long track record of manufacturing products to distributors and high end companies. In 2018 we made it easier for small and large corporations sourcing packaging to come straight to the source by starting Dalipco Packaging. No matter how big or small, We help companies with the best possible packaging solutions.

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More than 23 year experience in industry

Dalipco Packaging strives to have a positive impact on the revenue of our customers businesses. This is done through providing the best possible solutions that increase our customers’ revenue, decrease their costs and/or improve their productivity. Along with having a positive impact on their income, we are committed to providing long term relationship by providing excellent customer service, information and products to our clients.

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Our wholesale program is for everyone looking to grow their business. If you are afraid you do not meet the industry requirements, Do not worry. Our account specialist will be sure they help in any way they can no matter if we need to source from a competitor or from our online site.

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Set Up A Consistent Supply

Our Case Studies & Projects

Supplying All Industries

We have a wide diverse portfolio of the companies we have helped supply, and they report a higher revenue stream when using our packaging.

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Providing During the Pandemic

Dalipco Packaging attacked the pandemic with full force by helping companies, businesses, clinics, and clients in helping source the best containers to help fight the pandemic.

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Dalipco Manufacturing

Dalipco Manufacturing has been providing top of the line engineering to big corporations since 1998. Now you can utilize wolfgang for your manufacturing projects

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Speak to a Packaging Specialist Today

Our packaging specialist are some of the best in the industry, helping you not only source the best packaging for your business, but to help in any way you go from point A to B in your packaging choice.

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What We Provide When You Work with A Packaging Specialist ?

What do you get when you work with Dalipco Packaging ?

Expert Logistics

We provide the closest possible source to your product. In which you save on shipping.

Industry Specialist

Knowledgeable expertise, helping you get the best material, size, closure for your product.

Certified Products

We provide all certifications for our packaging at a moments notice.

Our Wholesale Program

Our wholesale program provides many turnkey solutions for your business. Look at some of the benefits of buying wholesale will bring your business.
Quality Delivery

  • Your Personal Shipping Assistant.
  • 24/7 Tracking Information
  • Quality Logistics Experts
  • Lowest Possible Rate Procured by our Shipping Specialists

Price Match

  • Our Prices Cannot be Beat
  • We will Match Our Competitors Pricing
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Your Account Manager are happy to price match any of our Competitors

Set For Growth

  • Custom Projects Available
  • Plastic Manufacturing
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Talk to your account manager on producing a custom package for you

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