So why choose Dalipco Packaging ?

Choosing the right packaging solution can be quite difficult. What sets Dalipco Packaging aside from the competition? It starts with direct manufacturing and quality.

Dalipco Packaging strives to create quality packaging products, whether it be glass or plastic at a fraction of the cost.


Direct Manufacturing

Direct manufacturing is at the core of Dalipco Packaging. Having direct manufacturing capabilities means that the supply is always in stock


Cost Efficient

With factory direct manufacturing, we can control the quality of our packaging while also being able to keep the costs down


Quick Turnaround

Dalipco Packaging has a variety of shipping options to ensure that our customers get their orders as fast as possible



Custom mold creation, wholesale pricing, and e-commerce sales offer versatile solutions for just about any industry



Dalipco Packaging uses high-quality raw materials along with attention to detail for highest quality output

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